23 May 2024

On May 1, 2024, we celebrate the first anniversary of the creation of the Whispering Flowers blog! This site was born in France on the day of the lily of the valley. I adore this flower and I think it decided on its own to become the quiet, innocent and mysterious patron saint of Whisper of Flowers.

According to Christian legend, St. Leonard, a hermit who took refuge in the woods, had to fight a dragon, but he eventually defeated him and the drops of blood that flowed from his wounds, falling to the ground, turned into white bells. And so the lily of the valley was born. This legend to some extent explains the belief that lilies of the valley bring good luck…..

For Orthodox Christians, the lily of the valley symbolizes the Virgin Mary. Believers believe that when the Virgin Mary appears with the message of any good news, she is surrounded on all sides by lush bouquets of lily of the valley flowers. The second orthodox legend says that lily of the valley flowers are the tears of the Virgin Mary, which she dropped near the cross.

According to the language of flowers, the lily of the valley is often a symbol of love, newfound happiness and good luck.

People under the patronage of the Lily of the valley are sensitive and trusting. But their gullibility is not naivety, it is love for people, confidence in the decency of others, faith in their good intentions.

The zodiac sign Taurus is clothed in a mantle of lilies of the valley. According to the blooming zodiac especially suits such a flower Taurus with the Moon in Leo ..All the same lily of the valley is a compliment of the French kings.

This year we are also on the threshold of Orthodox Easter, which makes this birthday especially spiritual and happy.

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