Venus in the the constellation of flowers. Sign Cancer &Kupala

6 July 2024

During the reign of the zodiac sign Cancer, it is important to remember the knowledge and traditions handed down to us by our ancestors. The constellation Cancer hosts the oldest cluster, Messier 67, which scientists use to theorise the evolution of the cosmos.

The month of July 2024 begins with a New Moon in Gemini, in the constellation of Punarvasu, which will occur tomorrow 6 July. This New Moon is very auspicious and optimistic. It is a good idea to plan to get rid of old and useless things: burn bad thoughts, fears, heavy memories, renew your wardrobe, clean your body and house.

On 7 July, Venus, planet of relationships and finances, enters the sign of Cancer… that is, the constellation of flowers and prosperity Pushya, where it will go arm in arm with Mercury. This tandem, according to the Zodiac of Flowers, will provoke declarations of love… and the acknowledgement of one’s feelings, love, the desire to celebrate, the continuation of family, emotionality in relationships, romance and the ability to settle conflicts.

Puschier is a faint star cluster in the constellation Cancer. 3°20′ – 16°40′ Cancer in the sidereal (Indian) zodiac 27°12′ Cancer – 10°32′ Leo in the tropical (western) zodiac.

This is a lucky period for bloggers, writers, poets and artists. Our creativity will be imbued with insight and even mysticism.

The constellation Pushya, under the influence of Venus, helps to manifest magnetism and inner beauty and to strengthen relationships. Its symbol, the flower, has divine significance, like the lotus flower or the cherry tree. 

The arrow and the udder of a cow also symbolise Pushya. In a way, we can expect ‘manna from heaven’ these days.

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Our genetic memory will awaken on the night of 7 July: write down your dreams. Perhaps that night you will remember something from your family’s past or receive a blessing from your ancestors.

There is a reason why, on the night of 6-7 July, all of Eastern Europe and the Baltic states celebrate the pagan festival of Ivan Kupala and go in search of the fern flower According to legend, it is on this night that the fern blooms magical flowers in the place where… a treasure is hidden! Moreover, if you jump over the fire that night, you can receive a gift of beauty and youth from nature… and perhaps even love. And perhaps even love. 

The special feature of Ivan Kupala night is the fusion and interaction of the elements, which increases the vibrations and health of people who interact with nature on that night: they bathe in pools of water, picnic under the starry sky, light fires, weave wreaths with healing herbs… 

In the past, the feast of Ivan Kupala was celebrated far from the villages: in the fields, at the edge of the forest, on the banks of the river. The festivities lasted all night and all day.

Girls made wreaths of plants and flowers. During the day they would adorn their heads with them and in the evening, after inserting a candle, they would let them float on the water. The wreath that floated furthest was the happiest. The person whose candle burns the longest will have the longest life. 

On Ivan Kupala day, it was customary to make bath brooms. Wild flowers and herbs acquired magical powers on this day. Women would stock up on medicinal plants and dry them for the future. This tradition reminds me of the Italian legends of St John’s herbs.

Copyright Anastasia Gracheva. The image of the planet Venus in the constellation Cancer in Pushcha during the Kupal festivities.

We observe the starry sky on the night of 6-7 July and try to see the planet Venus in the constellation Cancer.

We observe the night sky on the night of 6-7 July and try to spot the planet Venus in the flourishing constellation Cancer.

This period is very favourable for Aries and Leo. And of course for all Cancers

Nature itself will help them feel a strong active energy and a flash of intuition.

This month the sign of Cancer celebrates its birthday. On 16 July, Mercury and Venus will join the Sun. The Sun’s transit will add love to this month, as well as domestic tasks and maintaining ancestral traditions.

Let us see how the zodiac sign of Cancer flourishes!

Cancer, sincere and capable of eternal love, suits all white flowers, but particularly likes lotuses and pale roses. And especially the mysterious violet.

The most famous ritual of the period of the Cancer zodiac sign, on Ivan Kupala, is the search for the fern flower.

According to the Floral Zodiac, the fern is the true protective plant of Cancer. Even today, many people believe that if you find it, you will find eternal happiness, incalculable treasures and secret knowledge about the structure of the world. According to legend, the fern only blooms for a moment, exactly at midnight before Ivan Kupala, 6-7 July. Our ancestors believed that the forces of evil used every possible means to prevent the discovery of the mythical flower, frightening the researchers. Depending on the country, the flower is described differently: as a small flower with a silvery glow or as a huge, shimmering scarlet bud.

It may be that each lucky discoverer has his or her own particular flower. 

What does the horoscope say about flowers?

The constellation Cancer.

From 22nd to 30th June, in the first decanal of Cancer, luminous tulips are born. People born under the auspices of this flower are incredibly lucky and fortunate.

2 to 12 July – Lily of the Valley or water lily. True nymphs and Casanovas are born under this sign: beautiful, mysterious and emotional. As a rule, nymphs are very mysterious and enigmatic people….

13 to 23 July – The Violet. Modest, but always ready to step out of the shadows and take what they see as their rightful place…. Purple people combine two opposites: tenderness and strength, so they are already close to the Leo zodiac sign…..

The Zodiac of flowers wishes you love and magic in this beautiful month of July! And may the fern flower bloom for you this year ….


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