Zodiac of Flowers for Gemini. Jupiter’s gifts.

28 May 2024

So it is a new year for all Gemini starts with the generous and cheerful Jupiter, who has come to visit their constellation.

For most of the next month life will delight us with surprises, gifts and creative ideas. Dancers, actors, journalists may have a chance to become famous.

What does the Zodiac of Flowers say about the Mercurian zodiac sign of Gemini?

The sign is characterized by mobility, sportsmanship, extreme sociability and risk-taking professions. It is no coincidence that Gemini’s flower-talisman are the magical Lavender, which I named “living water.” Lavender (not to be confused with lavadin!) can instantly heal wounds, burns and calm the nervous system. It is a plant friendly to Gemini.

People of this sign are always attractive and courageous, regardless of outward appearance, and are well aware of their powers in love and social life. That is why the flower-symbol of Gemini is the daffodils.

daffodils, symbol of Gemini sign

The Gemini, who will receive a bouquet of daffodils as a gift, will not feel embarrassed about anything, but will accept its namesake with dignity. Because Gemini is the sign that actually understands itself and human nature in general very well. Perhaps this is precisely why they are so carefree, but at the same time they remain more and more badass Cartesian , down-to-earth.

This month it is strictly necessary to have a friend, colleague or relative of Gemini sign..So the generous and powerful Jupiter will surely remember to give you an extra pleasant surprise!

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